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(11/21/2013) Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it MADE the purchasing professional


HHoughHarry Hough, President and Founder of the American Purchasing Society, has had a four-decade career in purchasing. The Society, founded in 1969, was the first organization to offer a national certification program to purchasing professionals. It was started by a group of business executives working in various types of businesses because there seemed to be no professional association that properly represented and promoted the purchasing profession.

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(11/14/2013) Webinar Invitation: How to Make Invoice Automation Pay Off

HP NipendoThese are just some of the most visible pains e-invoicing was supposed to help organizations rid of:

  • Too much paper
  • Too many processing errors
  • No visibility into spend
  • Fragmented supplier communication

It turns out this was easier said than done. As many organizations are finding out, just adding “e-“ to ill-devised processes doesn’t really remove the pain. As a matter of fact, some e-invoicing solutions even make things worse!

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(10/31/2013) A Look at Procurement Transformation From the Other Side of the Table


perceptionProcurement transformation is a popular topic of discussion, and can mean any number of things depending on the speaker. In a July 2013 article on Supply Management (Capturing the Prize), procurement transformation was defined as “organisational change management, designed to improve purchasing processes, activities and relationships.”

Most examples of transformation come from consultant practitioner case studies, so it is easy to forget that solution providers have to transform as well in order to keep up with the evolving needs of the procurement community. Phil Hammer, Founder and CEO of ProcureApp, has seen this need first hand, particularly since the timing of ProcureApp’s introduction to the market has been during a rapidly evolving time in supply management. We asked him a few questions about transformation and risk from a provider’s perspective to see just how different – or similar – it is from what practitioners face.


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