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(9/10/2015) Hear from the Authors of 'Procurement at a Crossroads' on an Upcoming IACCM Webinar

ProcataCrossroads SmJon Hansen and Kelly Barner are the co-authors of 'Procurement at a Crossroads: Career Impacting Insights into a Rapidly Changing Industry' (publishing in November 2015) which takes a close look at the field of procurement during a time of extraordinary transition. In the book, the authors identify nine key questions critical to those in the profession and then present multiple perspectives on each. The topics include changing professional demographics, technology, media coverage, public vs private sector, and finance without shying away from traditionally taboo subjects or points of view.

In this webinar, the authors will review the nine questions and discuss what today's ambitious procurement professionals need to do to seize the opportunity represented by our current time of change.

September 17th at 11am New York | 4pm London


Upcoming Webinar from Rosslyn Analytics: The future of technology for procurement teams

futureofdataOnce upon a time, working in IT was about technology: software, servers, updates, and end user hardware. The evolution of cloud technology and the advent of mobile devices has changed their role from one of implementing and administering technology to one of securing the technology being used. On one hand, IT has been freed from the server room; on the other, they are now faced with the ever-growing challenge of ensuring data and device security in a real-time world.

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(7/8/2015) Optimization of Risk - Both Upstream and Down – at West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

WestPharmaStoppersWest Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. is a pharma packaging and delivery company based in Pennsylvania but serving a global market and clientele. They supply a number of different sectors of the life sciences industry through an extended supply chain that is critical to their success. Like many other companies, West has gone through an evolution in terms of how they look at their supply chain as well as the role they play in the chains of others.

Dr. Carsten Meissner, West’s Director of Global Supply Chain Management for Standards and Improvements, recently agreed to share the vision behind West’s decision to engage riskmethods, a SaaS, cloud-based supply chain risk management solution, in their efforts to better understand threats in the supply chain.

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(6/4/2015) Procurement Perspectives Podcast: Short Term Fixes, Long Term Objectives, and Sustainable Results

Diego De la Garza Headshot smBuyers Meeting Point recently had the opportunity to speak with Diego de la Garza, a Senior Project Manager at Source One Management Services, about the trends and priorities they are seeing in procurement organizations. Source One is a procurement services provider that works with teams in a number of different settings and structures. They handle everything from skills assessment and capability improvement, to consultant-type work, to full staff augmentation when capacity is tight.

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