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Advancing the User Experience with Procurement Software

UserExperienceAnyone that has experience with consumer electronics knows that the ‘user experience’ is a multi-faceted concept. We encounter a device or software and form an immediate impression about its look and feel. Next is the functionality: does it do what we need it to do easily? How well does it fit into our lifestyle and how easy is it to learn how to use it?

The best designed technology requires no explanation and forms an instant and unbreakable bond with its users. There is a natural give and take between the user and the technology as they interact, one responding to the other. When this is the case, a completely new piece of technology is suddenly something we can’t live without.

And then… there is procurement software.

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Listen Up! Buyers Meeting Point Launches ‘BMP Radio’ Podcast Series

BMP Logo New BallAfter years of specializing in written content, Buyers Meeting Point has moved into the realm of audio by launching the ‘BMP Radio’ Blog Talk Radio program.

Covering the procurement and supply chain space has given us the opportunity to build up a large network of thought leaders and news makers. Now, we can give you the opportunity to listen in and hear directly from the experts themselves.

Hosted by BMP Editor Kelly Barner, these unscripted conversations are informative and engaging – not to mention entertaining. Rather than grilling guests in a Q&A format, her goal is to foster open dialogue on the trends, topics, and news stories most important to procurement.

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Buyers Meeting Point Editor Kelly Barner Included in New eBook on the Future of Procurement

14 Predictions LP SArtLocomote, a Melbourne, Australia-based technology company founded in 2014 to manage every aspect of business travel, has recently released a free eBook containing predictions on the future of procurement. They’ve collected 14 predictions from 10 industry thought leaders including KPMG, Procurement Leaders, Procurious, and Source One Management Services.

BMP’s own Kelly Barner made a prediction that was selected for inclusion in the book. Her entry, titled “The Rise of Automation” focuses on the upcoming shifts in procurement’s relationships with third party service providers and how they will change as technology is used to complete more and more tasks.

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Buyers Meeting Point Editor Kelly Barner Featured on The Art of Procurement Podcast

frame handssmKelly Barner, Owner and Editor at Buyers Meeting Point, was featured in a recently released episode of The Art of Procurement podcast. Launched and hosted by ProcureChange’s Phil Ideson earlier this year, the podcast series was founded with a simple mission: to help elevate the procurement profession through access to actionable insights and an overview of the trends, products and services that are set to transform the procurement value proposition.

While the main topic of the podcast is the valuable role supply market intelligence should play in strategic procurement, the coversation touches on a number of subjects, including the rise of robotic process automation (RPA) and the role it may soon have in the field of procurement.

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