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(6/24/2014) Managing Risk at the Intersection of Experience, Opportunity, and Supply

intersectionWhen you look for the story behind the formation of an organization, it is natural to think that you will find a linear narrative. In the case of riskmethods, what we found instead was an intersection - of professional experience, unmet demand, and external market forces.

Rolf Zimmer and Heiko Schwarz met in 2011 when Xcitec, a supplier lifecycle management solution provider, was acquired by Emptoris, a strategic sourcing solution provider. Little did they know that Emptoris would be acquired by IBM only months later. In the years they spent listening to global prospects and customers about their supplier management challenges at IBM/Emptoris/Xcitec, Zimmer and Schwarz recognized an enormous unmet demand. They made the decision to pool their knowledge and experience. In January of 2013 they launched riskmethods, an international, cloud-based supply chain risk management solution.

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