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Is B2B driving B2C supply chain innovation, or vice versa? (ATSC blog)

This content was posted on the ATSC blog on February 18, 2019

Every supply chain manager is also an individual consumer, and there can be no doubt that the innovations in one market often alter the demand, offerings and consumer expectations of the other. Despite the fact that we have different priorities and perspectives on our personal spend than we do corporate spend, the rate of idea exchange between the two markets seems to be speeding up, ultimately bringing business and consumer supply chain and logistics closer together.

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Combating Leadership Fatigue (Art of Procurement)

This content was posted on the Art of Procurement blog on February 5, 2019

The reality is, if it were easy to be an overachiever, everyone would do it. It is exhausting to consistently outperform expectations and push the envelope on performance and capabilities. You work long hours and go far beyond your official job description. You think about work while you are waiting for traffic lights to change, while you are brushing your teeth, and while your next door neighbor is telling you all about their gutters.

It isn’t a weakness to admit that being a superstar is taking a toll on you. In fact, it may be the wisest thing you ever do. Make sure you protect yourself before you reach the point of burnout, or worse, ‘walk out’.

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The Procurement Maturity Curve, Part 2: Savings — and Value — at Every Stage (Determine)

This content was posted on the Determine blog on January 17, 2019

Part One of this two-part series on procurement maturity looked at how procurement is (and likely always will be at some level) linked to savings, even as our perspective on those savings changes. But the scope of procurement’s role has expanded. Technology and data are accelerating procurement along the value continuum and expanding our contributions beyond the bottom line. In Part Two, we look at how procurement professionals can leverage tools to increase our organizational effectiveness — and influence.

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Imagining a World Without (Good) Spend Analysis (SynerTrade)

This content was originally posted on the SynerTrade blog on January 17, 2019

Before procurement had spend analysis solutions at our disposal, every question about historical purchasing activity led to unthinkable manual work or a big question mark. Now that we can centralize, cleanse, and normalize data for analysis - often with the assistance of tailor-made automation – many of us have stopped thinking about what life was like without it. But not all spend analysis is up to the task. In fact, having inferior spend analysis can be almost as bad as not having spend analysis at all. Poor spend analysis inflates expectations about the level of visibility we have, and may artificially inflate our confidence about how well we understand the spend we’re working to manage.

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