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A Dose of Our Own Medicine: Improving Procurement Technology Selection and Implementation

When advocating for Procurement’s role in supplier evaluation and management, we often deliver the following advice to our internal stakeholders:


“It is hard to be objective about the supplier landscape in a space you manage so closely.”

“We can provide the bandwidth and knowledge to help you evaluate all available options.”

“If you involve us earlier in the selection process, we can make sure your requirements are documented thoroughly enough to qualify and rank your options.”

“We understand that this project is already underway, but there is still time to improve your results by getting us involved.”


Though we make these statements often, Procurement sometimes needs a gentle reminder that we can benefit from our own advice. This is especially true when it comes to selecting and implementing procurement technology. While we buy for a living, Procurement’s core value proposition is based on the idea that objective evaluation improves award decisions. All spend (even ours) will benefit from being managed in the same way.

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