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(6/10/2014) Invoice Reconciliation Like You Would Not Believe

paidinvoicesHave you ever met with someone who exudes enthusiasm for what they are involved in? It is contagious and you can’t help but be energized by their passion.

Buyers Meeting Point recently had the opportunity to interview Eyal Rosenberg, founder of Nipendo, who exudes both vision and enthusiasm for the spend management space. Nipendo empowers organizations around the globe to reach a new level of procure-to-pay automation that is not just paperless but also errorless and effortless. Nipendo enables seamless interoperability with any supplier communication solution——including EDI, supplier network, and e-invoicing——allowing enterprises to achieve over 90% straight-through processing of all supplier invoices directly to their ERP systems while leveraging their existing implementations. In just a few years, they have become the dominant player in the Israeli Procure-to-Pay market and have recently expanded into the U.S.

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(5/6/2014) What does the Future of Procurement Hold? Millennials!

On May 5th, and the Institute for Supply Management officially launched their “30 Under 30 Rising Supply Chain Stars” program at ISM’s annual conference in Las Vegas. This partnership will spotlight a group of young supply chain professionals who have already distinguished him or herself at the beginning of their careers through their innovation, collaboration, and leadership to either their company or the industry.

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(4/24/2014) Does Corporate Travel have to be ‘Managed’ to bring Spend Under Management?

"...unmanaged travelers achieve better business trips, are more satisfied with their business travel – and here’s the kicker – don’t spend any more than their managed traveler counterparts."

-- Scott Gillespie, "Why Bother Managing Travel?" Managed Travel 2.0: 22 June, 2012.


Procurement’s role with regard to travel spend has been steadily expanding. “While travel budgets, by and large, bounced back during the economic recovery period (those enterprises that were able to recover quickly after the downturn understood the relative importance of business travel), something was different than it was in the past: procurement’s touch could be felt more firmly within the category.”[1] With procurement’s influence came new measures of performance than were used to evaluate travel spend in the past.

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