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Policy or Practice? Supply Chain Risk Management in Reality (ATSC Blog)

This content was published on October 29, 2018 on the ATSC Blog

It is a scary reality for companies with global raw material supply chains that the data does not always exist to verify the source of the metals they and their suppliers buy. We can invest in supply chain risk management and/or compliance solutions and regularly audit our supply chains, but reliable visibility remains elusive.

This is not just a challenge for small or growing companies. The firms named in the WSJ article include Fortune Global 500 regulars such as Apple, VW, and Samsung. If they cannot keep conflict minerals out of their high visibility supply chains, how can any company hope to?

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Resource Preview: Aligning Procurement Processes and Capabilities to Business Outcomes

In a recent webinar, Rosslyn Data Technologies unveiled their “Procurement Value Identifier” (PVI): a new tool designed to help procurement teams connect desired business outcomes with key performance drivers, procurement processes and capabilities. [Click here to view the webinar on demand.]

The tool opens with the procurement maturity model defined by Gerard Chick and Robert Handfield in their book, The Procurement Value Proposition (2015). The model characterizes four levels of procurement maturity and associates each with their current value proposition and the role of enterprise spend management. In the webinar, Chick reinforces the importance of procurement’s maturity progression in pursuit of business objectives. [Click here to download the Procurement Value Identifier.]

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Fleet Innovation - Beyond the Robots (ATSC Blog)

This content was published on October 8, 2018 on the ATSC Blog

Driverless fleet vehicles (a.k.a. autonomous trucks) have everyone so excited that you might finish your daily read of news from around the industry and think it is the only promising area of innovation in logistics. While fully autonomous fleets probably won’t become mainstream for a few years (at least!), there are plenty of other potentially disruptive advancements being rolled out right now – and not a single one of them involves robots.

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Comparing the Merits of Digital and Electronic Invoicing (SynerTrade)

This content was published on the SynerTrade blog on October 4, 2018

If digital and electronic invoicing sound like the same thing to you, you’re not alone. Can an invoice be one and not the other? Absolutely. 

With all of the hype surrounding digital (i.e. digitalization, digitization, digital transformation), it seems like the optimal form for invoicing. And yet, it has its limits. A PDF is digital, as is a Word document, a photograph and even a freeform text file. Digital just means that information is stored in ‘soft’ copy rather than on paper. And while an e-mailable soft copy is worlds better than a piece of paper, it doesn’t necessarily leverage the speed, efficiency, or effort-reducing capabilities of computing. Taking a picture of a paper invoice technically makes it digital, but that doesn’t make the data in that invoice accessible to most software programs.

The alternative to a digital invoice is an electronic invoice. Rather than being scans or images of invoice information, electronic invoices contain data directly in a file and, more importantly, in a format that can be accessed and interpreted by software. Electronic invoices change the playing field for companies looking to invest in either invoice automation or the automaton of the end-to-end P2P process, but they aren’t always the friendliest or most convenient format for the humans involved in the invoicing process.

Here are some examples of how the digital/electronic divide plays out in the real world:

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