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Webinar on April 27th: Be a Procurement ‘Action Hero’ with Supply Market Intelligence

HP SNProcurement is a field full of fancy-sounding initiatives like transformation, relational buying, and value creation. They are all positioned as efforts that will make procurement ‘strategic’ (another term that would benefit from a bit more definition). But what do they really mean? How do we know if we have achieved them? What are the outcomes supposed to be?

Despite how it may sound, supply market intelligence does not have to be another confusing initiative like all of the others – rolled out to great acclaim, impossible to develop execution plans for, and then quietly abandoned without either results or improvement.

In this webinar, Kelly Barner, the Editor of Buyers Meeting Point and co-author of Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals: Research, Process, and Resources, will present an action-oriented overview of supply market intelligence.

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The Art of Procurement Reviews ‘Procurement at a Crossroads’

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Last week Phil Ideson, host of the Art of Procurement podcast, reviewed Procurement at a Crossroads, the new book by Jon Hansen and Kelly Barner. In the 10 minute audio review, Ideson goes into detail about the reasons why he would recommend the book, including:

  • The three themes explored in the book that provide procurement professionals with a path forward to a relevant and rewarding future in the field.
  • The careful combination of facts and the authors’ interpretation of procurement thought leadership.
  • The key take aways about the ‘two tiered’ procurement organization of the future, and how professionals can position themselves to succeed going forward.


Listen to or download the review here.

The Authors of Procurement at a Crossroads Featured on the Art of Procurement Podcast

ProcataCrossroadsPhil Ideson, host of The Art of Procurement podcast, recently interviewed Jon Hansen and Kelly Barner, the authors of Procurement at a Crossroads. As the content of the book is designed to do, Jon and Kelly managed to engage Phil in a passionate discussion (debate?) about what is in the tea leaves for procurement’s future, and what is likely to happen to the winners – and losers.

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Kelly Barner Interviewed by My Purchasing Center about ‘Procurement at a Crossroads’

AdobeStock 36789814Susan Avery, the Editor of My Purchasing Center, recently interviewed Kelly Barner about Procurement at a Crossroads: Career-Impacting Insights into a Rapidly Changing Industry. You can listen to the podcast on demand here.

In the discussion, they talk about:

  • Why it is important for procurement to consciously think about today’s professional environment and what that might indicate for the future.
  • Whether procurement will go ‘the way of the dinosaurs.’
  • The chances that all of today’s procurement prognosticators – Kelly and co-author Jon Hansen included – could be wrong about the future of procurement.
  • What advice Kelly would offer up to everyone working in procurement today.

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