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Implementation of new suppliers

Implementation of new suppliers

As a child at the dinner table, we were expected to try at least a bite of something. Like anyone, we often did not want to try something new. It was not comfortable and it was easier to skip it or default to what we knew we liked. There is an old commercial for Life cereal where Mikey tries it and the famous tag line – Try it, You'll Like It.


Now we are adults in a procurement organization. Awarding to new suppliers often makes economic sense but many professionals would rather stick to what they know. They are more like Mikey’s older brothers in the Life commercial.

This week’s esourcing wiki is Supply Risk Management: Major Risks and Mitigation Strategies.   One of the strategies for reducing risk is to have a strong implementation plan, especially with new suppliers.

So how does one implement a good supplier management program? SciQuest hosted a webinar a few years ago outlining how to do just that. “How to Implement a Strategic Supplier Relationship Management Program” is cohosted by Michael Ekstut from Archstone Consulting and Eric Zoetmulder from SciQuest. The webinar provides you with information to bring your strategic sourcing organization value beyond sourcing savings and a practical guide to implement an SRM program.

What have you tried lately that you successfully made the change? Did the implementation go smoothly? Do you have a more competitive edge in your marketplace? What convinced you to "Try it"?


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Sunday, 05 July 2020

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