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Attracting Talent like a Magnet

Attracting Talent like a Magnet

There are a lot of articles about shortages of resources for a variety of reasons. One of the issues is attracting talent to procurement when other areas are also drawing on the same talent. How can procurement become a profession that others are drawn to like a magnet?

This week’s esourcing Wiki article is Recruiting Talent. It review the various components to recruiting top candidates to their team.

This article from Bravo Solutions talks about just that.

Reward and tangible benefits – this is basic and part of the necessary package. It has to be competitive and offer a variety of benefits.

Opportunity for personal challenge, learning and advancement – This enhances the role and allows variety that so many associates are looking for.

Early responsibility, interesting and meaningful work – give the associates some real projects they own as soon as you can.

Contribution to wider social goals – There are several ways that companies work to enhance their community and their environment. Some organizations have volunteer days with local charities. Others practice sustainable practices in their procurement policies.

How do you attract talent? Do you have a magnetic organization and have the secret formula? Is the staff stimulated and do they appear energized and challenged? Share your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting @buyersmeetingpoint.



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Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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