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Awarding the Business

Spend ManagementYou have been working on finalizing the award and determining who should get the opportunity to work with you. Have you considered that how you set the RFP up to begin with may have set the stage for that end game? Did you eliminate smaller suppliers due to the size of the bid? Should you have lotted things differently to allow more competition?

This article made me think about my own experiences. This was a public bid in Scotland to rebuild the Forth Bridge. The process failed to award to Scottish suppliers because the lots were much too big and global companies were the only ones that could handle it. How unfortunate and it limited competitiveness and options.

Of course the awarded outcome may have been exactly the same. However, without the additional bids, that is not an option.

Has anything like this happened with your bids? Whether in the public or private sector, I am sure that there are examples like this or perhaps lessons to share on how to avoid this? Please feel free to share your thoughts.  

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Saturday, 08 August 2020

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