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Blog Pick of the Week: Contracts and Anniversaries

As I look at my weekend ahead, and the one behind, my family has 3 significant wedding anniversaries being celebrated. Brace yourself - 29 years, 50 years and wait for it.... 68 years. Incredible!! Those couples entered into a contract all those years ago and clearly had an evergreen clause to keep renewing year after year. I know it was not without work and making adjustments as needed. Quite similar to what is required with suppliers that you would work with as a procurement professional.

wedding2The last few weeks we have been discussing the basics and then the benefits of contracts. When I saw this blog by Abderdeen, it fit right along with the topics of the week. CLM (Contract Life Management) within organizations can have a variety of approaches from a home-grown solution to a full enterprise solution linked into your ERP suite or your esourcing solution. The one that is being highlighted is from Seal Software Group. They offer a single point solution that is in a very competitive field. They differentiate themselves by having the ability to find and categorize contracts. 

Check them out. I also found several webinars they are hosting over the next few weeks which seem very informative. 

What has your company done with CRM? Has it allowed your organization to "Live Happily Every After"? What has your journey been like?

Webinar Notes: Implementing a Sales and Operations...
Reaping What You Sow in Contract Management

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Friday, 10 July 2020

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