We went out to dinner last night as a celebration of our daughter's recent promotion. The restaurant was chosen specifically because they feature locally grown items on their menu. We had an interesting conversation about the virtues of that approach for the environment. Then the flip side was discussed about how many jobs are created by having food choices from other parts of the globe. 

buy localIn addition, over the holidays, we were at a gathering where the gift giving was encouraged to have a local theme and support the small entrepreneur.

With so much concern about the environment, how is that impacting your role as a procurement professional? Do you seek out the local and regional suppliers to bid on your business? How does it change your customers' buying decisions? What are you doing to decrease your organizations carbon footprint to entice your customer to work with YOU and also to set the stage for future generations?

This Duke University blog by the Green Grok has some ideas of choices. That is really what is comes down to is choices - just like it was for our dinner celebration location last night.