Blog Pick of the Week: Re-Start those New Year’s Resolutions

We are well underway in 2013. Many of those New Year’s Resolutions are long forgotten for most of us. Some may have stuck and are now ingrained as part of your normal routines.

I came across this blog from January that is “13 Resolutions for a Procurement Team”. I read through them and thought why not start over? We don’t need to wait until 2014 to work on improvement or calling them resolutions? It was a great reminder of little things that can be done and make a slight difference that over time really add up. My two favorites:

#3 Learn Something New: I know that I often find a comfort zone with approaches and fall into a ‘rut’.   Since it is working, complacency can evolve. When I do step into something new, I get energized. I just need to remember that and DO IT!

#13 Make education a priority: This goes along with #3 so maybe we can count two for the price of one! I know I have many reasons (or excuses) on why I can’t read that book or attend that webinar. Something more important, urgent or easier gets in the way. I hit the ‘pause’ button on my hectic calendar and registered for a webinar. Then I actually went to it! I just attended a webinar today on sustainability and it felt good to be doing something different. It was only an hour of my time and so worth it.

Hit the reset button on resolutions. Is it time to start over again? Take a look at this list. Which of these 13 is your favorite? Do you have others that you would add? Have you successfully tackled one this year? What was it?