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Blog Pick of the Week: Six Major Trends for AP in 2012

I have a lot of engineers and accountants in my family. Despite the profession's reputation, they can be a lot of fun ! That's why when I saw this blog, I had to read it and some of you may have passed it by. It has points that make you stop and think.

CPO Rising has done a superb job covering some trends they see coming up in 2012. Here are a few areas they review:

What to do about paper - there is too much of it in accounts payable so how can businesses move to electronic paperpileprocessing? This can help with the carbon footprint of your company at the same time!

We are a data rich world and the efficiencies of sharing that data are critical in procurement as well as accounting.

What is your organization doing about these six areas? Any suggestions or questions for your peers?

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Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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