When I read this blog, I found a lot of correlation to raising children. Don't promise if you can't deliver and don't threaten if you won't carry through. I know my son was a fussy eater. One day he was given a choice to either eat the supper or go to bed. It was only 5PM and he choose to go to bed. Needless to say, we would have been the losers in that battle so out came the peanut butter.

As procurement professionals, we are in constant negotiation. These tactics from sales associates often include various types of strong arming.

negotiation-tacticsThis blog from the Accidental Negotiator cautions sales staff on 6 things they should know if they are going to use threats during a negotiation. There are consequences to utilizing this approach and it is good to understand how that might impact the long term outcome.

One that definitely fits the parallel to child rearing is the threat has to match the issue. If it is a small request, save the big threat for a more appropriate situation.

Tough negotiations are one thing. Damaging the relationship for the long run is not good for either party.

Have you ever used these techniques? How about receiving them from the other side? How did you feel and what was your reaction?