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Blog Pick of the Week: Where are all the good ones?

Blog Pick of the Week:  Where are all the good ones?

My father was very fond of fishing. Most times he did not catch anything but he enjoyed being out in the boat and absorbing his natural surroundings. As a child, I only enjoyed it if I caught something. One vacation when I was 8 or 9, we were camping on an island. For 3 days, we caught a fish every few minutes. It was exciting. Most of the time they were too small and we set them free but what excitement for all of us!

Sometimes we feel like we are fishing when looking for the next associate to hire. Where are they good ones? Often there are no bites or they are “too small” – their experience or skills just are enough.

The esourcing wiki series we are currently sharing is about Talent Management. Recruiting and Retaining talent seems to be a full time effort especially in Supply Chain.

I found this blog about Bridging the Talent Gap in Supply-Chain Management. It outlines some of the challenges such as the growing complexity of the role, limited training for existing associates and the eminent retiring of the Baby Boomers.

The article reviews several recommendations for organizations to be able to find and retain the talented resources they are looking for.

• Engage in cross-functional development, both for existing employees and new hires
• Work on leadership development, by identifying those individuals who have the ability to head up large-scale organizations
• Speed up the standardization of business processes, to make it easier to train, qualify and move people through the system;
• Launch “retain-and-train” efforts, in the form of educational seminars, simulations and various Web-based techniques, and
• Challenge employees early. Deploy a “risk-and-reward strategy,” with an emphasis on rotating people through short-term positions in developing nations.

What are you finding in your recruiting efforts? Have you got a secret to landing “the big fish” each and every time? Do you have a lot of turnover since there is such a demand for a limited pool of resources?

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Friday, 07 August 2020

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