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Center Led Purchasing and the Olympics

Center Led Purchasing and the Olympics

The week's eSourcing wiki article is about Center Led Purchasing. There are many benefits to having a central procurement team focusing on strategic sourcing practices, tools and efficiencies. A few days ago we discussed the Greening of the Olympics. With that in mind, I was reading about utilization of the Center Led Procurement and the Olympics.



Once the festivities are over, the work of re-purposing the stadiums and athletes villages begins in earnest. I found this organization that uses Center Led Procurement and is responsible to make affordable housing for the East Thames section of London. They have this described in the procurement section of their website, very prominent for all to understand.

For the residents of London, it was critical for them to understand how they would benefit from hosting the Olympics, before, during and after 2012. Utilizing firms that gain efficiencies and contain costs through center led procurement enhance those benefits overall.

Have you been part of a centralized procurement organization? What has been your experience? How do you think this has helped those affiliated with the Olympics?

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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

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