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Plenty to be Grateful For


I love my job. And it is a good thing, because this is the kind of job where you don’t really get to have hobbies (unless laundry counts as a hobby).

As my kids are getting older, they’re asking more detailed questions about the things they hear and see on tv. This past weekend, one of them asked me what “layoffs” are. After I explained, they wanted to know if my husband or I had ever been laid off. They were SHOCKED to learn that I was laid off once… almost… and that it led to my career in procurement. My daughter’s reaction captured it all, “Procurement? You love procurement! That’s AMAZING!”

Every year at Thanksgiving, I stop and consciously appreciate just how good I have it.  

I love my job, I love procurement and I love all of the people that I come into contact with each year. 2019 was incredible, between marking 10 years at Buyers Meeting Point and expanding my circle of colleagues, all of whom have changed my world for the better.

To every reader, listener, follower, sharer, new contact and long time connection - thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled by your interest in my work and never take your engagement (or your time) for granted.

Sarah Scudder, you make me laugh! More importantly, you inspire me to be as creative as possible and to take risks that I believe in and am willing to work for. I’m incredibly glad you introduced me to Sandy Kane and Amanda Prochaska and Mike Morsch and so many others.

I’m grateful for Tom Augenthaler. He revealed to me that I’m an influencer, not because I ever tried to get anyone to do anything, but because I connect people and ideas wherever I see potential.

I’m thankful for Rod Sherkin and the rest of the team at ProPurchaser. He saw potential in me that I did not see in myself and has the patience of a saint with my poor math skills.

I’m glad I’ve gotten to know Mark Raffan better. Somehow or other, listening to all those podcast interviews with hostage negotiators has made the idea of negotiation seem less scary rather than more.

I’m both excited and proud to be the General Manager of Art of Procurement. Sometimes getting your dream job is as simple as creating it. For anyone who has ever wondered if shared values actually mean anything, I can tell you without hesitation that they do. They are allowing Phil Ideson and I to ‘live the dream’ professionally and have a blast while doing it.

To all of the companies I worked with this year, especially: Cottrill Research, Determine/Corcentric, GEP, HPP, ISM-New York, Ivalua, JAGGAER, Per Angusta, ProPurchaser, RSN, riskmethods, SAP Ariba, Sievo, Source One, Supply Chain Now Radio, SynerTrade, TalentStream, tealbook, Thinkers360, Vendorful, Vizibl and Webinara.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

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