Basic Advice for staying healthy - KEEP ON MOVING! Walk, swim, play tennis, golf - whatever! Just keep moving! Certainly nothing fancy about that but not always easy to execute on. There is always something more important or pressing in the schedule.

The same is true for our professional health. KEEP ON MOVING - attending webinars, reading and learning new tools and strategies. 


Our days are so full of meetings, emails, conference calls, and more - how can we manage to exercise our skills?

Buyers Meeting Point publishes events for you to attend, highlights reading materials, and summarizes event highlights you may have missed. We are working hard to keep you moving and keep you healthy!!  

One of the quick hits for you is by Bravo Solution. They have published a white paper that discusses the Top Ten Technologies for Supply Management Savings Today. Of course it discusses auctions, spend analysis and decision optimization is #2. You will have to read it yourself to find out what is #1!!

So go ahead and exercise your intellectual muscles. Check out the paper from Bravo Solution and then let us know what you think. Do you have a publication to recommend?