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Know what ingredients you need

Know what ingredients you need

There are a lot of options available to organizations for a req-to-check system. A common mistake with many software selection processes is not taking the time to define the requirements. That is a critical step in order to ensure a successful implementation. It is not just about the technology, it is mostly about the business process.

This week’s eSourcing Wiki article is: An eprocurement primer: Core Capabilities. It defines the various components to an eprocurement system. It is a good resource to consider the options you might want to include as you research eprocurement solutions.

Automatic reconciliation is a critical feature. The vast majority of transactions have to flow through without intervention. The alert feature is also very helpful. That way you are notified when an authorization is needed or something is due. Now you manage to the exceptions and not to the norm.

Have you had an opportunity to select and implement an eprocurement process and system? How do you identify to the various core capabilities described in this article?

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Thursday, 16 July 2020

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