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Looking in the mirror for organizational self-assessment

Looking in the mirror for organizational self-assessment

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways……Take a look at yourself and make a change”.


We are often looking externally at where the issues lie and where problems are. However, there is a very poignant song by Michael Jackson, “The Man in the Mirror”. While the tone is for social issues, it has a message for anyone, including businesses.

This week’s esourcing wiki is Robust Supply Chain Design. One of the strategies is for a self-assessment of your part in the supply chain. Where are your actions creating potential risks and what would the impact be to your business as well as others, including your customers?

This link is a supplier self-assessment questionnaire, Building the Foundation for Sustainable Supply Chains which is sponsored by and Ceres and Verité.

This is a comprehensive questionnaire and has respondents covering topics in the following categories:

  • General Company Information
  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Governance

The self-assessment allows companies to evaluate, communicate and modify where necessary any of the processes throughout their supply chain. This is a collaborative effort involving cross functional teams within your organization as well as external parties.

The overview for the questionnaire points out that one of the critical areas for the self-assessment is stakeholder engagement. This aligns well with our blog pick of the week, How engaged are your stakeholders?

In the questionnaire, there are areas that revolve around work environment, compensation, fair labor practices, grievance practices. There is also a specific section titled “Stakeholder Engagement” to understand how associates are involved in various practices and encouraged to share their ideas.

Has your company done a self-assessment? What did you see when you “Looked in the Mirror”? Have you seen any results of making the changes?

    Share your thoughts by commenting below or tweeting us @BuyersMeetPoint.


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Thursday, 09 July 2020

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