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No one does it by themselves

No one does it by themselves

If I have seen further, it has been by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Sir Isaac Newton, famous for his formulation of the laws of motion and universal gravitation, could have claimed all the glory for himself. Instead, with the quote above in his letters to Robert Hook, Newton recognizes that his achievements have been built on those that came before him.

From our youngest of days, everyone likes to be recognized. Parents give such encouragement and praise to their young ones as they learn to walk and toddle around. That does not change as we mature in either our professional or personal lives.

This week’s esourcing Wiki-Wednesday is Sourcing Sensei Scruple Three: Team Recognition. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing the efforts of the team towards the success of the group.


Good sourcing leaders provide recognition for a job well done or a token of appreciation for finishing a difficult task. They understand that their success, their organizations success, has not been achieved by them alone. It takes many, including their predecessors.

Some recognition is by salary and compensation. Some is through public praise, awards and celebrations. Studies have shown that those organizations that recognize their associates contribute more to the bottom line. Period.

What do you do to recognize others? How about your superiors? Anything that you would recommend that you have found is most rewarding?





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Friday, 03 July 2020

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