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Partner Update: Introducing the Spend Radar Blog

Spend Radar Introduces Advanced Spend Management Blog, SpendZen

The industry experts at Spend Radar introduce SpendZen: a blog covering all things spend-related.

Chicago, IL – March 23, 2011 – Spend Radar, a leading spend analysis and spend management software technology company, announces SpendZen, a blog devoted to all things spend-related. The blog is open to posts from Spend Radar staff, as well as guest posts. Visitors and subscribers to the blog will find frequent posts with relevant and useful information from past and present experiences, practical tools and personal insights.

Recent, popular posts include:

- Moving from Basic Spend Analysis to Advanced Spend Management.

- How to Drive Procurement Benefits from Spend Analysis.

- Use Spend Analysis to Measure and Allocate Organizational Savings.

- 2011 Procurement Challenges in Spend Management.

“The SpendZen blog was created to provide a central location for unique perspectives and insights on all aspects of spend analysis and spend management,” said Joy McCaffrey, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Spend Radar. “Readers will find useful information on a wide variety of topics, from basic spend analysis to advanced spend management and everything in between.”

Readers can subscribe through RSS feed or by email. Comments are welcome and encouraged. To subscribe to SpendZen, click here.

About Spend Radar:

Spend Radar is a leading software technology company focused solely on conquering the challenges of spend analysis and spend management. Spend Radar was founded to overcome many of the challenges that previous generation spend analysis and data classification solutions fail to address in a complete or optimal way. Our entire focus is to help any organization working with spend or supplier-related data to take action more quickly and effectively, significantly reducing the time spent to create actionable analysis. By enabling organizations to gather and structure complicated, distributed and diverse sets of information in a completely new manner, Spend Radar sets a new standard for data management, and Spend Radar customers achieve greater savings faster as a result.

For further information, contact:

Joy McCaffrey

Chicago, IL 60606

+1 (312)-262-9820

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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