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Recognizing talent: IQ vs EQ

Recognizing talent: IQ vs EQ

When I first started interviewing, I did not know what questions to ask to recognize a person’s true capabilities. I defaulted to technical questions to understand their skill level. As I developed and gained more experience, I recognized the best questions I could ask the candidate had more to do with problem solving, communication skills and decision making.

I still would weave in some technical questions but my main focus was on the EQ (emotional quotient) not IQ. Then the debates would begin on which was more important IQ or EQ. It really depends. Of course you want a resource that is intelligent and ability to think and reason.

This week’s esourcing Wiki article is Recognizing Talent. It review the expanding requirements for sourcing professionals and the importance of the softer skills in that role.

There are quite a few resources that discuss which one is more important. This blog discusses that all the great leaders in history have had one thing in common – the ability to connect with people on an emotional level, or a high EQ.

In procurement, we are often expected to be technical experts in that category, negotiating skills, contract management. This role has grown to include many aspects of EQ such as communication, interpersonal and customer service skills.

What does your team do? Do they recognize the technical skills and then groom or teach the softer skills, or the EQ? Which has been more critical for the success of your organization?


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Thursday, 09 July 2020

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