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Recycling is Simple

Recycling is Simple

Do you remember life before yellow sticky notes? Maybe you are too young. In one of my prior organizations, our note paper was old company newsletters that were cut into note paper blocks. You only use one side so it would not matter what was on the other side. There was nothing confidential so it was all good. It truly was scrap paper.

Recycling is simple. You reuse what you can, recycle what you can’t and minimize waste. Most organizations have moved to using electronics and trying to limit paper printouts. When our company does print documents, the printer is set up to default to print on both sides. You have to override to get one sided printing.

At least once a year in our community there is a recycling drive for electronics. You can bring in your old monitors, CPUs, keyboards and such. There are agencies that will take old cell phones, refurbish them and send them to charities for those that don’t have a phone.

I know I grew up with ‘hand me downs’ from my older sibling. We did the same with our own children. For a time, we had become a society where everything has to be brand new. It is refreshing to see businesses such as Craigslist flourish. It is an online yard sale – one man’s trash is another’s treasure!

 This week’s eSourcing wiki article is about Sustainability: Start with the basics. It outlines a list of very easy suggestions on how to reduce, reuse and recyle.

In your role of procurement, have you been able to utilized recycled goods? How about ‘hand me downs’ or used equipment that is perfect for your needs and can save your organization a great deal of expense? Did you find that is was fairly simple to execute?

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Friday, 07 August 2020

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