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Saving Water and Wearing Jeans

Saving Water and Wearing Jeans

Many organizations have casual dress codes. Others have casual Fridays. The common theme is that the outfit usually includes jeans.

Water usage in any manufacturing process is a necessity. Managing the efficiency and improving sustainability in that process in a challenge. When manufacturing that favorite casual Friday garment, it takes 9,982 liters of water. Check out this website, Imagine all the Water. It reveals the water footprints for a variety of products. It highlights ways to reduce your water usage and various resources to help you do just that.

Manufacturers are working diligently to reduce their usage and improve their water footprint. Unilever has a large section of their website reviewing their successes to date and goals to achieve by 2020. It has become a core mission for them as an organization.

Many of Unilever's products require water usage by their consumers. They are reducing the baseline water usage in their manufacturing. They look to their supply chain for sustainable water practices. For them, water is everywhere!

This week’s eSourcing wiki article is about sustainability in energy and manufacturing. It outlines a list of suggestions on how to reduce energy consumption in general, and then in manufacturing specifically.

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Monday, 13 July 2020

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