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The challenges of doing the right thing

The challenges of doing the right thing

We make choices every day in relation to our health, our family, our community and our profession. Some choices are straight forward and easy to make. Many times there are areas of grey and that brings with it a measure of ambiguity.

What a surprise that doing the right thing has challenges! Consistently executing a CSR program has benefits but of course it does not always go smoothly.

This week’s esourcing wiki article discusses the Challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). This reviews a few of the challenges and obstacles.

A few years ago, an article by Aman Singh discussed 11 challenges for CSR.

  1. Doubt
  2. Liabilities
  3. Denial
  4. Resources
  5. Causality
  6. Lack of Global Standards
  7. Benchmarking
  8. Lack of comparative credibility
  9. Uncertainty
  10. Fear of the unknown
  11. Fear of the known

I am sure reviewing any of these may have occurred in your organization as well. I know I have gotten into discussions that demonstrated doubt about the true benefits of the sustainability programs. There are also not any consistent standards so where one company feels they are implementing a top notch CSR program, another may feel that is just scratching the surface.

As with any change, it is uncomfortable. I know when we started separating our trash for recycling, it seemed quite messy and a bother. But after a while, we became vigilant and nothing was disposed of that could be recycled. It felt great.

Organizations face the same challenge. Associates are uncomfortable and fear change. Implementing a CSR program will bring with it similar reactions and concerns.

How has your procurement team done in the area of sustainability and CSR? Where there challenges to getting it going?

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Sunday, 05 July 2020

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