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What is your most important asset?

What is your most important asset?

What is your most important asset? Every organization will say it is their people, their team, their associates. What do you do if your assets are not as robust as they should be?

This week’s esourcing Wiki article is Recruiting Talent Part Two. It continues to review the various components to recruiting top candidates to their team.

Sometimes sourcing organizations supplement their teams with consultants. They can bring with them expertise in a particular commodity, process or technology. They are brought in to “train the trainer” for a set period of time and budget. Once the consultants have done their job with knowledge transfer, the existing resources (aka assets) are now more robust with the increased expertise.

I was reading this article Talent Management: A Way to Competitive Procurement. It continues to reinforce that the role of procurement is changing. It is no longer a transactional position but requires skills such as strategic thinking, category expertise, negotiation skills, project management to name a few.

At this higher skill level, the talented resources are drawn to the opportunities with the highest compensation. Finding and retaining them is a competitive situation. While salary is not the only factor for resources to come to your team, it is certainly a key component.

What are you doing to “close the gap” in your team between what is available and what you need? What are you doing with your own skills to do that as well?

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Saturday, 04 July 2020

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