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Working Smarter not Harder

Working Smarter not Harder

This week's eSourcing Wiki article is about Guided Sourcing. We have all heard the phrase: "Work Smarter not Harder". With the proper tools and processes, that is certainly the goal and is achievable.

My father was a 'do it yourself' person and his motto was that anything was possible with the right knowledge and the right tools. That made the job so much easier. Of course there were always multiple trips to the hardware store for that missing part. On the other hand, he would also recognize when a task was beyond his tools and abilities and call in the specialists and the experts.

As a sourcing professional, we have so much to review, data to analyze and contracts to read, write and negotiate. If you have tools that help you get to the best answer or at least create 'what if' scenarios quickly for you, then you are able to offer your internal customers a stronger solution set. It also shortens the sourcing cycle, allowing you to get to more projects and offer more value to your organization.

How has your organization evolved in Guided Sourcing? Do you find optimization and analytics tools really do help you work smarter?

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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

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