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Buyers Meeting Point is home to two blogs: The Point is written by BMP's Kelly Barner and a diverse group of guest contributors. MyPurchasingCenter was acquired by BMP in 2020 we now showcase their content archive on BMP.

Recommended Webinars Oct 7-11: Top Tips, Transforming Direct Procurement and The Real State of Ops and Outsourcing

The New England Supply Chain Conference and Exposition (or NESCON) is taking place on Monday of this week in Marlborough, MA – outside of Boston. I’ll be there in person along with some familiar faces, so please reach out if you plan to be onsite! If you can’t be there on person, watch the BMP Twitter feed for updates throughout the day.

If you are looking for a longer term recommendation, check out “Power your Source-to-Pay with insightful and predictive analytics” from basware on October 24th.

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Best Procurement and Supply Chain Webinars 6/27 – 7/1

This week – which is a little slow because some lucky people have Friday off in advance of the July 4th holiday on Monday – is a unique assortment of webinars taking place ‘anyway.’ Two events on direct spend and one that looks at one of the weaknesses in the procurement customer service program. Click on the title of each event below to view the full description in our events calendar and to connect to their registration pages.

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Continuous Cost Reduction for Direct Materials

Continuous cost reduction in the manufacturing industry is a supply chain best practice, but all too often it is mistakenly seen as unsustainable by strategic sourcing and procurement departments. For many companies the question is, ‘how can I reduce costs while limiting the impact on quality?’ Before jumping right to substituting materials, there are other options for delivering cost savings - yes, even over time.

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Webinar Notes: Direct Spend P2P: Too Complex to Automate?

This week’s webinar notes are from a October 15th webinar sponsored and hosted by Nipendo and featuring Pete Loughlin (Purchasing Insight) as moderator, Pierre Mitchell and Jason Busch (Spend Matters), and Ed Berger (Nipendo’s VP of Sales). The webinar is available on demand in its entirety here.

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Webinar Notes: 2014 Trends and Predictions for Direct Materials Sourcing

This week’s webinar notes are from a December 11th event on direct materials sourcing presented by Directworks. The event replay and slides are available on demand here.

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Webinar Notes: Total Cost Visibility: The Key to Strategic Sourcing Success

This week’s featured event was presented by Directworks on total cost visibility. Particularly in direct materials procurement, achieving total cost visibility requires data on components as well as the supply chain that moves them. This event is available on demand, and can be viewed here. There is also a whitepaper on this topic available for download.

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Webinar Notes: The State of Direct Materials Sourcing

This week’s featured webinar was presented by Directworks, the new name for Co-eXprise, on the state of direct materials sourcing. If you have questions about the rebrand or the reasons behind it, you can read the press release here.


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