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Buyers Meeting Point is home to two blogs: The Point is written by BMP's Kelly Barner and a diverse group of guest contributors. MyPurchasingCenter was acquired by BMP in 2020 we now showcase their content archive on BMP.

Giving Thanks for 2020 – Yes, Really

Every year, I pause at Thanksgiving and give thanks for all of the people and organizations that I’ve enjoyed and appreciated during the year. Usually, it is a pleasant task of looking back through emails and social media and reflecting on the current year just before it runs out.

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Plenty to be Grateful For

I love my job. And it is a good thing, because this is the kind of job where you don’t really get to have hobbies (unless laundry counts as a hobby).

As my kids are getting older, they’re asking more detailed questions about the things they hear and see on tv. This past weekend, one of them asked me what “layoffs” are. After I explained, they wanted to know if my husband or I had ever been laid off. They were SHOCKED to learn that I was laid off once… almost… and that it led to my career in procurement. My daughter’s reaction captured it all, “Procurement? You love procurement! That’s AMAZING!”

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Recommended Webinars Oct 14-18: Risk, Visual Contracting and the 2020 Digital Procurement Mandate

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian friends: Stephany Lapierre and the team at Tealbook, Rod Sherkin at the ProPurchaser team, Negotiations Ninja’s Mark Raffan and Procurement Insights' Jon Hansen!

If you are looking for a longer term recommendation, the next AOP Live session has just been scheduled: The Current State of Digital Readiness: Mastering the Supply Chain Data Challenge on October 29th at 11am ET. This 45-Minute Live Q&A with Philip Ideson and Joseph Yacura will interpret and comment on the results of the 3rd annual Data Quality and Governance Study. 

There are also two live events taking place this week, ProcureCon EU in Barcelona, Spain and the 7th Annual Procurement Strategy Summit in Dubai, UAE.

BTW: If you haven’t already, sign up for our mailing list to be sure you get my weekly recommendations in your Inbox each Monday.

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Plenty to be Thankful For

We’re counting down the hours until turkeys hit tables across America, but there is no reason to postpone giving thanks until the gravy is at hand.

I’m keenly aware - on a daily basis – just how lucky I am to have a career in procurement at all, thanks to (a.) almost being laid off and getting re-assigned to “Not-for-Resale” and (b.) the magic of modern connectivity. I travel the world from my kitchen table all year long and I ‘meet’ the most amazing people along the way. I am thankful for this whole, crazy experience and everything it has taught me.

In 2019, I'll hit the 10-year milestone at Buyers Meeting Point. I had absolutely no idea I would ever reach this point.

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2017 is a Year for Big #Gratitude

Five years ago, I started a tradition here at BMP – stopping to say thanks to all of the people and organizations that make it possible for me to live out my dream as a writer and procurement professional. This year is no different, although I can’t help but feel exceptional gratitude for the amazing year we are about to put into the books.

I am grateful beyond words (quite a feat given how much time I spend writing and talking) to all the people I crossed paths with this year – everyone I met in person and those of you that I will never meet but regularly engage with through the miracle of modern communications.

I wish you and your families a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

Every year at this time I stop and give thanks for all of the people and organizations that have made a difference to Buyers Meeting Point over the year. You may think of BMP as a blog, a podcast, a social media network or all three – but for me it is the most amazing opportunity to connect with a global community of peers, all of whom are interested in learning more and advancing the potential of procurement and supply chain.


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