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WEBINAR: Mindmapping Supply Chain Risk (riskmethods, Supply Chain Media)
Thursday 25 January 2018, 10:00am - 11:00pm
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Globalization is increasing the frequency with which supply chains are affected by disruptions such as natural disasters and epidemics at some link in the chain. Such risk events can have far-reaching consequences and long-lasting impact. Companies must ensure that their supply chains are prepared for such risks. riskmethods and Supply Chain Movement have created this mindmap for supply chain risk management, outlining the route with road signs indicating the potential hazards along the way.

During this webinar, industry expert and riskmethods founder Heiko Schwarz will present the collaborative Mindmap for Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM), which outlines the route to developing a comprehensive SCRM program and provides road signs to flag potential hazards along the way. Attendees will learn how to translate this roadmap into successful SCRM operations in 4 steps: Plan, Do, Check and Act!

• Martijn Lofvers, CEO & Chief Trendwatcher at Supply Chain Media

Domain expert:
• Heiko Schwarz, Founder and Managing Director at riskmethods


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