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WEBINAR: How To Improve Payables Security in 2018 (PayStream Advisors)
Thursday 25 January 2018, 02:00pm - 03:00pm
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As the new year begins, many companies are looking for ways to improve their competitive advantage. What many don’t realize is how much of their business success depends on the security of their financial processes, such as in their Accounts Payable (AP) department and their invoice-to-payment lifecycle. When companies are not using the proper AP management tools, they expose themselves to fraud and security risks, such as fake invoices or fraudulent paper checks. The less control a company has over their AP process, the greater impact these issues could have on their financial state and their future business success.
This webinar is for companies that want to prepare for 2018 by strengthening their AP security and business stability. The webinar addresses trends in AP security concerns, payments fraud, and the issues that come with the lack of controls around AP. It also highlights best practices for mitigating risk and reducing fraud through each step of the payables process, from invoice receipt all the way to payment. Co-hosted by AP and ePayments software specialist, MineralTree, the webinar leverages data from PayStream’s 2017 AP & payments management survey.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Invoice-to-payment management trends among North American businesses
  • Top security and fraud risks in invoice management and payments processing among North American businesses
  • Best practices for improving control and security in each stage of the invoice-to-payment lifecycle
  • How to leverage leading AP automation software to mitigate risk in AP


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