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WEBINAR: Reinventing Procurement: Smart Strategies to Transform Your Operation (Ardent Partners, Ivalua)
Wednesday 06 November 2019, 02:00pm - 03:00pm
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In aggregate, the procurement profession has made extraordinary advances over the last ten years. But, a deeper analysis of the market definitively shows that a smaller subset of procurement departments (a group Ardent defines as the Best-in-Class or top 20% of the market) are responsible for the lion’s share of those gains. Because these Best-in-Class procurement leaders do a variety of things differently and a majority of things better than their peers, their advantage continues to widen. Some of this Best-in-Class strategies are codified as industry best practices, while others are emerging. What is clear is that as we head into a new decade, every procurement leader and organization has the opportunity to adopt these key strategies and reinvent their departments and transform their operations.

Viewers of this webinar will:

  • Gain a clear view of Best-in-Class procurement performance metrics
  • Understand the strategies, tools, and approaches that today’s Best-in-Class use to gain their advantage
  • Hear a case study presentation from Baylor Scott & White Health of how one Best-in-Class procurement team reinvented their operation to better serve the business
  • Learn a series of strategies and recommendations that can be used to reinvent their procurement organization and advance in the next decade


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