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WEBINAR: Beyond Implementation: Where Solution Providers' Real Work Should Begin (Scanmarket, Spend Matters)
Tuesday 03 December 2019, 10:00am - 11:00am
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What makes an eSourcing program successful? The cornerstone of any successful eSourcing program rests on the ability to maximize ROI, through achieving excellent performance in driving down costs, increasing spend under management, and increasing visibility, control and compliance within the sphere of sourcing. 

Overcoming the risk that your chosen eSourcing tool will end up gathering dust on a shelf, that the change management process will be too arduous, or that user adoption levels are low is down to what happens post-implementation, and hence this is where the real work of a solution provider should begin. 

After 20 years of experience excelling in this area, we at Scanmarket have pulled together the most successful methodologies that we have used across our customer base into one air-tight, best-practice, partnership approach to maximizing our customers’ eSourcing program ROI: Account Management Plus. 

This webinar is a ‘must’ if: 

- You’re considering implementing an eSourcing solution but are concerned that it will end up sitting on a shelf gathering dust. 

- You are concerned that the change management process of implementing a new eSourcing solution will be too arduous and there will be too many barriers to adoption 

- You are concerned that generally you won’t achieve a good ROI 

- You already have an eSourcing solution in place, but you know you’re not getting enough out of your eSourcing program 

- You are not happy that your current eSourcing solution provider supports you thoroughly enough 

Do not join the webinar if: 

- You’ve implemented an eSourcing solution and you feel fully satisfied that you have squeezed every drop of value out of your eSourcing program 


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