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WEBINAR: Unveiling the Full Iceberg: How AI is Changing the Contract Analytics Game (IACCM, SirionLabs)
Tuesday 11 August 2020, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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Just like an iceberg, a large portion of the enterprise contract portfolio remains hidden!

Most organizations struggle to locate their contracts and access the data embedded in them exposing them to legal and regulatory risk, operational inefficiency and financial leakage. These gaps get further amplified during crises such as the current pandemic where quicker insights and better decisions are critical to keeping your operations running.

The good news is that AI is revolutionizing the contract analytics space powering advanced auto-extraction and analytics technologies. These next-gen solutions are not only much faster, but also more economical and offer much deeper contract visibility. It is now possible for organizations to go beyond the traditional use cases of extracting legal terms and basic metadata to capture deep business and financial insights across clauses, obligations, service levels, rate tables, and more.

Join us for this webinar to discover how AI-powered contract analytics is enabling better supplier/customer management, risk mitigation and value realization for enterprises in their commercial relationships. The webinar features Toby Yu, Managing Director, KPMG alongside Sally Guyer, CEO, IACCM and Claude Marais, President and Co-founder, SirionLabs.



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