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WEBINAR: Resilience vs Immunity – Creating the optimum supplier sourcing strategy (Coupa, Procurement Leaders)
Friday 23 October 2020, 10:00am - 11:00am
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“To create a supply chain capable of withstanding something as powerful as a global pandemic, our society and infrastructure needs to be able to not only leverage what is already in place, but ask ourselves the question of what we would do if we could design an optimum supply chain from scratch?” Robert Handfield Ph.D.

2020 has highlighted how vulnerable global supply chains can be to disruption and the importance for Procurement to possess a strong response strategy to crisis. With 2021 fast approaching, it is essential to begin rethinking business models and plan towards building the optimum supply chain.

Yet what is the best strategy to adopt for this? 2020 has seen the appearance of the concept of resiliency, but are there other methods Procurement can consider? Is it possible to go beyond resiliency and create complete agility and flexibility through supply chain immunity instead? 

Join us on Friday the 23rd October at 3pm BST to hear from our guest speakers Niklas Klarnskou, Head of Procurement Process & Digitalisation at CRH, and Jacob Larsen, Director of Digital Procurement at Maersk as they attempt to answer this question and discuss best practices in supplier sourcing, offering you their perspectives on how to strive towards the most optimum supplier sourcing strategy possible. 

In this webinar the panel will discuss:

  • How to create transparency in your supply chain
  • Looking ahead and planning towards 2021 and beyond
  • What’s better – supply chain resilience or supply chain immunity?



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