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Recommended Webinars July 23-27: Enterprise Drivers for Digital Transformation and Controlled Risk Management


We’re slowly chugging through the summer – in fact, next week’s recommendations will move into August. Actually, we’re already there in a way, because my long term recommendation for this week is just before Labor Day weekend: “Supply Chain and Safety: The Imperative of Partnering to Effectively Manage Contractor Performance and Risk” from ISM and Veriforce on August 29th.

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Value Drivers And Expectations For The Digital Transformation Of Procurement (ivalua)

July 24, 11am ET

Procurement often thinks of digital transformation as something we are working towards within our own processes, but enterprises are engaged in digital transformation efforts as well. In this webinar, Amy Fong, Senior Procurement Advisor and P2P Program Leader at The Hackett Group, and Vishal Patel, VP of Product Marketing at Ivalua, will discuss the big picture upside of going digital and share relevant findings from Hackett Group research.


Gain Control Over Your Suppliers & Risk Management (Coupa, ISM)

July 25th, 1pm ET

According to the description, this webinar is based on one of the most popular sessions at Coupa’s 2018 Inspire conference. Managing suppliers is important, but the level of control procurement would like to have may be too risk-averse to seize available opportunities. Topics covered will include: transacting electronically with suppliers using self-service models, understanding what spend is “at risk”, and finding the right opportunities to drive risk out of the supply base.





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Thursday, 02 July 2020

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