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Recommended Webinars Nov 5-9: Building a Great Workforce in a Tight Talent Market and Getting Ready for 2019


This week, Procurement Leaders’ Asia Pacific Congress is taking place in Singapore on Thursday and Friday. If you’re planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend “Why Procurement Needs Digital Risk Management—and How to Get Started” on November 14th from ISM, The Hackett Group, and riskmethods.

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Labor Market Update: How to Attract & Retain a Great Workforce in a Tight Labor Market (TalentStream, APICS Atlanta, SCN Radio)

November 7th, 12n ET

If it weren’t already clear that this is an important topic at a pivotal time, Friday’s news removed all doubt. The October Jobs Report arrived with the news that the U.S. economy added 250,000 jobs last month. This was echoed by the October ISM-New York Report on Business, where the Employment index skyrocketed for the second month in a row. That’s great for employees, but what about the managers and organizations trying to grow in number and strength and meet demand. In this webinar, Brian Devine Senior Vice President, EmployBridge, will give an update on the labor market, share the results of their national survey of over 15,000 hourly workers, and provide recommendations on how to attract and retain the best workers in the market.


2019 Ramp Up: Planning Your Key Improvement Initiatives in the Coming Year (basware, The Hackett Group)

November 7th, 2pm ET

Don’t be alarmed (okay, maybe be a little alarmed…), but 2018 is nearly over. There are less than 40 business days left. Don’t think that you can have maximum impact in 2019 by beginning the effort on January 2nd – your planning needs to start NOW! In this event, Amy Fong, Senior Advisor from The Hackett Group, will highlight new ways to enable technology, improve savings capture and compliance, and manage change in 2019.





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Saturday, 28 November 2020

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