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Digital Procurement Is Not Easy: Don’t Go It Alone (Art of Procurement, Corcentric)
Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 11:00am - 12:00pm
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The textbook process for generating ROI from a source-to-pay platform is simple:

  1. Pick the best fit system
  2. Implement it well
  3. Bask in the benefits

That may be the plan, but how often does it happen that way in reality? Rarely, if ever.

Procurement teams often struggle to connect the business case written to get approval for S2P and the systems-related work required to deliver ROI. System administrators turn over, catalog setup work becomes a secondary priority, and hastily made configuration choices add friction over time.

What challenges do you face after the implementation is over and the support team has moved on to their next project. We want to know!

During this AOP Live session, Anthony Mignogna and Claire Sexton from Corcentric will answer your live questions about:

  • How to strengthen the connection between your S2P business case and your S2P business benefits
  • Why post go-live maintenance and configuration will either enable or prevent continuous improvement
  • How managed services can help procurement seize the upside potential of digitization by driving adoption and utilization



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