Best Procurement and Supply Chain Webinars 8/8 - 12

Best Procurement and Supply Chain Webinars 8/8 - 12

Although there are only a few webinars taking place (again) this week, they are all high quality and on a compelling range of topics. Click on the title of each event below to view the full description in our events calendar and to connect to their registration pages.


Optimize Your Company Spending Culture: It Starts with Purchasing Approval

August 9, 2pm ET

In this era of casual everything, is it possible that increased formality holds the key to more strategic procurement? In this webinar, Jimmy LeFever of PayStream Advisors and Kenneth Loi of Procurify will talk about how having structured processes and procedures can elevate the team in the perception of other functions. They will focus more specifically on the approvals process, and how it is possible to both simplify and formalize at the same time.


Aligning Strategy, Organizational Objectives and Human Capital Development (SIG Townhall)

August 10, 1pm ET

If closing the skills gap in an organization makes it possible to go from plans to results, then the people who monitor and manage training hold the future of the organization in their hands. In this SIG Townhall teleconference, Mark Pollack and Elijah Condellone, both members of the SIG University team, will address the different ways to connect strategy development and employee capabilities.


Predictive Analytics for Demand Planning: What can it do for your organization? (S&DCE)

August 10, 1pm ET

Supply chains were extending out across the globe before the desire to be agile started pulling them back closer to operational and demand centers. That is, of course, until predictive analytics gave well informed organizations the ability to change directions before delays or disruptions occurred. In this webinar, a panel of speakers will share information on the latest tools and opportunities for nimble intuitive supply chains.






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