There are so many events this week that it was hard to pick which ones to recommend. The ones that I did actually pick offer something unique in terms of perspective or ‘angle’. Click on the title of each event below to view the full description in our events calendar and to connect to their registration pages.


What Your P2P Vital Signs Are Telling You (Hackett Group, Zycus)

September 29, 2pm EDT

In this event, Hackett Group and Zycus have taken a cool concept – the biometrics information we gain access to through wearable technology such as the iWatch – and applied it to procurement’s performance metrics. The best take away is that while we likely compare our performance on KPIs against market leaders and overall best practices, the most important improvement to show is over the baseline. Calculating a solid baseline can be just as hard as generating the results themselves, as we often see in sourcing projects. This webinar will provide an in-depth look at an exhaustive list of 50+ metrics and ways to excel against them.


Margin, Risk, and Prices, Oh My! Price Optimization: How Best-in-Class Sales Organizations Win (Aberdeen)

October 1, 1pm EDT

I have a soft spot (and a strong curiosity) for sales events, and the combination of margin and optimization makes this an easy recommendation. The central idea of the event is that because procurement teams have access to almost all of the information that determines supplier prices – and their performance relative to their competitors – that suppliers need to take a new approach to selling and differentiation. The other compelling hook: according to an implication in the event description, sales is just as uncertain about how to make use of analytics as procurement is…


The Death of Traditional Catalogs (SIG, Perfect Commerce)

October 1, 2pm EDT

Spoiler alert – even if you work diligently to put good systems and processes in place, there will still be compliance issues and savings leakage. In this event, Perfect Commerce (who recently completed their acquisition of business network provider Hubwoo) will address the capabilities of electronic catalogs – from low level administrative tool to a guided buying environment empowering the purchase of complex materials and services – without the need to go rogue.