As part of my Supplier Diversity Discussions LinkedIn Creator Accelerator project, I have been running a LinkedIn poll each week. This week I’m looking for input on how our definitions of diversity may expand beyond the categories we think of today. What should we add: age? Religious affiliation? Neurodiversity status? Share your thoughts here.

If you are planning your virtual procurement event schedule beyond this week, take a look at The Future of Finance: 360º Cash Flow Visibility + Control from Forrester and Corcentric on March 2nd.


Contracts are Data, and Data is the Lifeline of Your Sourcing Organization (Evisort)

February 22nd, 1pm ET

We’re all looking for a way that AI can help procurement better achieve our goals, and this event provides a few possibilities. Memme Onwudiwe, EVP, and Navin Mahavijiyan, Director of Client Solutions & Product Enablement at Evisort will discuss how AI can help procurement visualize the state of enterprise contracts, track key dates and obligations, and improve management workflows. 


The 3 T’s of The Future: Tech, Treasury, and Transformation (TMI and Coupa)

February 24th, 2pm ET

Between the pandemic and supply chain disruptions, companies have been forced to explement with and adopt new processes and technologies at a rate they never would have considered possible in the past. Join Royston Da Costa, Assistant Group Treasurer at Ferguson plc, and Ulrika Haug, Senior Director Product Marketing at Coupa, for a look forward at how today’s trends will pave a path to the future for finance and treasury.