June 13-17: Keys to Success, Building Digital Bridges, AI as an Unexpected Ally


In last week’s episode of Dial P for Procurement, I focused on a potential (albeit leaked) proposal that will reportedly come before the World Trade Organization in early July. If it is presented and passed by the members, it will change how intellectual property is protected and whether rights are enforced worldwide. Click here to listen in

If you are planning your virtual procurement event schedule beyond this week, I recommend ‘Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Your Supply Chain - Where to look for opportunities’ being presented by Rod Sherkin, President of ProPurchaser, on June 22nd at 1pm ET.

And now for this week’s recommendations…


Growth, Agility and Maturity – Achieving the 3 keys to success (Proactis)

June 14th, 5:30am ET (10:30am BST)

The description for this webinar poses a couple of interesting questions… does maturity lead to agility or stagnation? And is there such as a thing as too much agility? You’ll have to attend the event to find out. Join Ellen Leith (Purchase-to-Pay Network), Andy Hamilton (Proactis), David Rosier (Commercial Estates Group) and Peter Morley (Moore Insight) as they discuss these three keys to procurement success.


The Connected Enterprise: Leveraging CLM as a Digital Bridge (SirionLabs & World Commerce & Contracting)

June 14th, 11am ET

Most enterprise contracts are underperforming their own potential. Why is that? They are not accessible enough in several ways… either physically or from an actionability point of view. This panel-format webinar will feature Paul Branch, Chief Networking Officer at World Commerce & Contracting, and Puneet Bhakri, SVP of Alliances at SirionLabs talking about how contracts can be the bridge between the different parts of the enterprise.


Can AI be the Unexpected Ally for Demand Planners? (Garvis & Supply Chain Now)

June 14th, 12n ET

If demand planning were just more straightforward, many companies would find themselves in better positions than they do today. Complexities abound, but what about solutions? In this webinar, Piet Buyck, CEO of Garvis.Ai, Anupam Aishwarya, CPO of Garvis.Ai, and Robert Byrne
Inventor of Demand Sensing, join the Supply Chain Now team to share their point of view.





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