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June 7-11: Innovation from Uncertainty, Diversity Insight, #SAPPHIRENOW for Procurement


This is one of those crazy weeks where everyone had the exact same idea… there are 6 webinars running during a 6-hour span on June 8th – during the exact same time that SAP #SAPPHIRENOW is running their three procurement sub tracks. If you’re interested in my recommendations for the #SAPPHIRENOW sessions, I wrote a special edition event recommendation post that lists them all here.

If you are planning your procurement webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend ‘Digital for Good: Shape Your Sustainability Journey’ from Everest Group on June 22nd at 10am ET.

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Sourcing Optimization is Key to Samsung's Transformation Initiative (Spend Matters, Keelvar)

June 8th, 10am ET

My years in procurement have taught me a couple of key things. Two of them are: always listen to live case studies, and watch retail and manufacturing companies for best practices – regardless of what industry you happen to work in. In this webinar, you’ll get the opportunity to do both. Radu Panciuc, Contracts & Innovation Manager at Samsung, and Jennifer Sikora, VP of Marketing at Keelvar, and Jenny Draper, Global Head of Client Services & GM (UK/EU) at Spend Matters, will discuss Samsung’s transformation efforts, including transportation procurement – one of the most complex to optimize.


Uncertain Times Fueling Supply Chain Innovations (Supply Chain Now, Transplace)

June 8th, 12n ET

Things may have been rocky in the supply chain world for the last year plus – not all of them the supply chain’s fault, may I add – but from every uncertainty we encounter, we gain a new level of understanding. We’ve been so focused on keeping things rolling, that a lot of what we’ve learned hasn’t been processed or put into practice yet, and there certainly hasn’t been any time for knowledge exchange. You can be sure that there is a boom of innovation on the horizon. In this webinar, moderated by Supply Chain Now’s Scott Luton and Greg White, Tracy Rosser, Executive Vice President of Operations for Transplace, and Mike Wasson, Chief Operations Officer at Tosca, will give us an early look at some of the innovations and advancements resulting from these uncertain times.


Supplier Diversity: Insights from 2021 Research Results (The Hackett Group)

June 9th, 11am

If you’ve read any of my recent posts on supplier diversity for, you know I’m concerned that the current enthusiasm around these programs will end up being a flash in the pan trend if we don’t put the right kind of structure around them. This research from The Hackett Group may be just what we need. Laura Gibbons, Senior Research Director, Supply Chain, and Tarun Puri, Senior Director, Procurement Executive Advisory, will present key success factors, performance measures, and global best practices that you can learn from and include in your own program.



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