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May 16-20: Sustainable Contracting, Task Automation, Procurement Nirvana


After much ado, the 2022 Supply Chain and Procurement awards are officially here! Join us on Wednesday from 10am-12n ET for live announcements from the winners, commentary from the host committee, and keynote speakers! Click here to sign up

If you are planning your virtual procurement event schedule beyond this week, I recommend ‘The KPIs That Should Be on Every Business Leader’s Radar’ from Coupa & CFO Dive on May 26th. 

And now for this week’s recommendations…


World Sustainable Contracting Day 2022 (World Commerce and Contracting) 

May 17th, 10am ET

Procurement may think about sustainability as being delivered through sourcing, but that is just the potential for sustainability. The real results and impact have to be ensured through the contracts we put in place. Join the team at World Commerce & Contracting and a list of speakers as they hold this virtual mini-conference.


Automating Segregation of Duties (SOD): How to Quickly Automate Manual Tasks with Accurate Results (The Hackett Group & Oracle)

May 18th, 1pm ET

We are constantly talking about how procurement should consider automating repetitive, manual, and rules-based tasks. Sitting down to make that possible is a lot more complicated that it sounds. This webinar, presented by The Hackett Group, will provide some valuable background information and tips to consider.


Roadmap to Procurement Nirvana (Coupa)

May 19th, 12n ET

If there is such a thing as ‘procurement nirvana,’ what would it look like? I think it is safe to assume it won’t involve a poor user experience. Hosted by James Meads with Gary Warder and featuring a panel from Coupa, this webinar will discuss the roadmap to procurement nirvana via touchless P2P.





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