Recommended Procurement Webinars Dec 11-22: Thinking Big and Living Large to Wrap up the Year


This is my final set of event recommendations of the year, but because the events push into early next week, I’m doing a 2-week post. Believe it or not, there are already some events on the calendar for January 2018 and beyond. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! Click on the title of each recommended webinar below to view the full description and register.


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Delivering Value (Not Just 'Savings') (BravoSolution, Spend Matters EU/UK)

December 12, 2pm ET

Procurement may have warmed up to the idea that we need to deliver value beyond savings, but what about the rest of the enterprise? In this webinar, Peter Smith will provide advice for bringing senior stakeholders on board and reconsidering spend categories in terms of goals and metrics.


Supplier Risk Management: How to Tackle Non-Performance & Non-Compliance (Proactis)

December 14, 10am ET

In the first of two supplier risk webinars on this day, Proactis will use supplier information to connect the investments we make into risk management with the objectives of supplier performance and purchasing compliance. Need more incentive to attend? Proactis will also flip the tables and address what risks can be created if performance and compliance are not addressed.


Supply Risk Management Webinar: Open Your Eyes (riskmethods)

December 14, 12pm ET

In risk management webinar #2 – chronologically anyway – riskmethods will talk about the business disruptions that can result without rigorous, high speed information oversight. Applying the power of AI and big data to this business challenge not only make it more manageable, they improve the decisions made as a result.


Managing The "Human" Side of Digital Transformation (ISM, Zycus, Procurement Insights)

December 19th, 2pm ET

In this final week before Christmas, we get two ‘gifts’ – the first, in this webinar presented by Jon Hansen, we are reminded of the human side of digital advancement. We’ll need to invest in current talent as well as apply an open mind to recruiting efforts in order to be prepared for the opportunities of the year to come and beyond. Jon will provide an essential framework to get you and your career 'digital ready', including how you can best leverage emerging technologies to maintain both your effectiveness and ongoing relevance in the new digital world.


New Procurement Toys for the New Year (GEP, Ardent Partners)

December 19th, 2pm ET

In a ‘cheekier’ procurement Christmas gift, GEP gives us a list of all the tech gifts on a CPO’s wish list: advanced analytics, cloud-based, mobile-first/mobile-ready solutions, seamless solution suites, IoT, chabots, and RPA. This webinar will discuss the exciting potential contributions of these advancements for procurement and supply chain and outline how they can support performance and achievement in the new year.






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