Recommended Procurement Webinars for April 17 - 21: CSI, Agility, and RPA

Recommended Procurement Webinars for April 17 - 21: CSI, Agility, and RPA

Procurement is a function with ever-increasing scope and potential for impact. As this week’s recommended events suggest, we can address the entire P2P process, unite the past and future through forensic examination of contracts, and push the boundaries of automation. Click on the title of each webinar below to view the full description and register.

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CSI (Contract Scene Investigation) Procurement (IACCM, Zycus)

April 18th, 11am ET

In the week’s winner for total creativity, IACCM and Zycus will apply the forensic ‘magic’ we have come to associate with Crime Scene Investigation to contract management. Implementing a contract management solution is just the first step – extracting value requires time and analysis, in addition to an out of the box mindset. Also worth mention from the event description are the inclusion of AI, innovation, and risk management powered by contract management.


Building Procurement Agility with Collaborative P2P (ISM, Tradeshift)

April 19th, 2pm ET

As pointed out in the event description, P2P success requires collaborative systems as well as relationships. With such an extensive end to end process, there are many stakeholders, objectives, and applications to be considered. Procurement will need to support a high level of engagement to deliver the desired results against P2P metrics.


Beyond RPA (HfS Research)

April 20th, 11am ET

Just when you thought you were finally starting to understand RPA, HfS is ready to take you to the next phase of its evolution. There are cultural shifts leading to and resulting from RPA – especially in combination with AI and smart machines. Attend this event to find out what is next for companies that have already incorporated RPA into their workflows (probably more enterprises than you would think).




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