Recommended Procurement Webinars July 22-26: Intergenerational Leadership Skills, Best in Class and the Big Makeover Debate


This summer's webinar schedule seems to be feast or famine. There was only one event last week, while this week offers eight in three days.

If you are planning your webinar schedule beyond this week, I recommend “How Procurement Can Win the Hearts and Minds of Marketers” from Real Sourcing Network CEO Sandy Kane and a panel of marketing experts on September 26th. I realize that seems exceptionally far away, but as we trudge through the height of the summer heat, it is so appealing to think about attending an event in a lightweight sweater and while drinking a pumpkin spice latte.

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20th Century Leadership Skills in the 21st Century (TalentStream, SCN Radio, APICS Atlanta)

July 23rd, 12pm ET

This webinar will feature Chuck Baker, a graduate of the United States Military Academy, talking about how the leaders of the last century can get ready to guide upcoming individuals to become leaders in the 21st Century. His input on how boomers and Gen X’ers can help Millennials get ready to become leaders should be very interesting.


Is Your Procurement Team Best-in-Class? Four Key Enablers for Success (Ardent Partners, Canon)

July 24th, 12n ET

I recently attended an Ardent Partners webinar on procurement performance metrics (It was fantastic, of course), so this is a logical follow on. Now that we’ve talked about where the field is as a whole, how does your team measure up?


The Big Procurement Makeover Debate: Why Procurement Struggles to Deliver Value Beyond Cost-Reduction (HfS Research)

July 25th, 11am ET

According to the event description, “only 5-7% procurement functions have scaled-up RPA and/or AI initiatives, only 5% have an enterprise-wide approach to using intelligent automaton within sourcing/procurement, nearly 60% are looking at piecemeal technologies or have no integration points between technology initiatives, and 30%+ still have no plans or are unsure about leveraging RPA, NLP, and other AI technologies altogether!” Those are some pretty enlightening statistics given how much time we spend talking about technology and automation. I also appreciate the fact that this is positioned as a “makeover” debate and not transformation.





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